Well, i think i do not understand social media. why i say that, because i really do not get it. Facebook for example they block you from friending people you do not know in real life which is kind of okay i get it but what about people i knew? people i know i literally meet almost on daily basis, in school or in workplace so why the hell do i need social media for? i literally do not need it. if i want to say something for my 'classmate' i just wait till next day and i say it in the face, if i want a file or something i share it via bluetooth so only reason that makes me use social media is for knowing new people (people i do not know already) but facebook do not allow me to! so literally i do not see anything useful from social media except it's toxic for teens* and really i do not see anything, really anything that can comes from social media and that is why my friend i decided to delete my last social media accounts (instagram) for good...FUCK YOU FACEBOOK, FEEL FREE TO SUCK MY -so fucking big- DICK!

* The article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebook-knows-instagram-is-toxic-for-teen-girls-company-documents-show-11631620739

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