so so to put end to this, and prove my point that lgbt was never the answer and that it's literally stupid thing. 1. we lived a lot without admitting the lgbt and we were fine so why now? 2. let's say you buy a new product, and you don't know how to deal with it so you read its manual to understand it right? now let's say the product is the human (don't get me wrong) and the manual is your religion that tells you how to deal in life and in those religions LGBT is a sin (yes in all, at least the 3 who came from Allah) so your manual says that you are not made to be gay so why bother try? knowing that it's not fit for you? so please read your fucking manual and do it and lgbt was never the answer and will not be. last thing you say that thing (i don't know its name) in past was saying lgbt is a mental disease and now its not and you say oh so it was mistaken, well i say they are now mistaken. i mean they do mistakes right? so yes i think what they did was a mistake --- NOTE: i don't mean humans are products or anything all i tried to do is giving examples