I lately waste my time on podcasts (yes i'm lonley, thank you) and i listen to "Darknet Diaries" on spotify (yes spotify) and i was playing "The Pirate Bay" and i enojyed it. In fact i enjoyed it to where i wanted to write this blog and tell you that i -fucking- love piracy and i will tell you about my secret sources to get stuff. So before i start, I want to say that love piracy and i'm going to share my sources and i don't give a fuck if someone is mad. So my sources are or better to say one source is mainly comming from: https://reddit.com/r/piracy/wiki/megathread or https://libredd.it/r/piracy/wiki/megathread (if you love privacy!). It's a big wiki page on reddit and it got every and each 'trusted' torrent website to download any and everything. From books to games to movies to (ahem!) porn! so feel free to visit it and thank me later ;)

Again the website is: https://reddit.com/r/piracy/wiki/megathread (or https://libredd.it/r/piracy/wiki/megathread if you love privacy!)
And the episode at: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5VQv4PNTljCXUtx4U1yzUZ