I know you not used to see me depressed but fuck it, no body read my blogs anyways. it's sort of my semi diary thing so here we go
I always say suicide is an answer and i really hate people who say it's not. Why it's not? If it solves my problem then why it's not? I'm now desperate and alone, okay? now i want something to solve this. I went to see someone yes and i talked to them for YEARS really and i will not lie, i got better socially but still i can't get outside a lot because i do not like it, it's simple i do not like be around people so i can't make friends in real life. On the other side, i tried so fucking many times to make friends online and yet, all leave me. So i'm alone and i want something to fix it, I want the answer and i tried to be more social and make friends in real life but i failed and i tried to make friends online but i failed too so what answers left for me? two actually: 1) Accept it and live alone or 2) Suicide so for me i see yes suicide is one of the answers because simply you want something to stop it (not even fix it but just get out of it) and i tried getting out by making friends but i failed so all i see is the other answer of getting out and it's...you guessed it so stop driving me mad when you say "suicide is not an answer"