Esmail EL BoB's Personal Website

A Memer, GNU/Linux User, Programmer, Hacker, Privacy Advocate, Pirate and ETC/XMR Miner

This is my first attempt of self-hosting, so do not expect fancy stuff. I did this as a way to help the community and learn how to run web servers at home too! Servers are all sign-in only because I'm still new at this and sometimes I literally lose data multiple times per one day (docker-compose down -v :)) so as for now please enjoy using my services - My plan is to host as much as I can (libreddit, bibliogram, nitter and so many more) so keep an eye as more services coming - Donations really would help me keep running the server and add more websites in the future so donate today:

If you want to add a new service just let me know via email (on main page).